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HTC One Mini price speculation in India

The HTC One Mini was not really a shock when it was first announced, and like its larger sibling, seems to have stolen the thunder of its Samsung rival the Galaxy S4 Mini. We were rather impressed with the specs, and we love how they have kept the design the same, but just reduced everything in size.

The new, smaller smartphone is to be released throughout many parts of the world, such as the US, UK and India. As yet there has been no specific release dates or price for these countries, apart from one, but we do have a few ideas.

Firstly, the HTC One Mini price in India is expected to be around RS. 25,999, but as yet we are not certain of a confirmed release date, although it’s likely to be September.

The HTC One Mini US release will also happen in September, and the price could be about $580 off-contract, as there has been no announcement from US carriers as yet.

It’s a different story for the UK release, as we know a release date and the HTC One Mini UK price as well. The handset is to release on almost all UK networks and will cost £380 for a SIM free version or free if you spend more than £27 per month on a contract.

You have to wonder why networks/carriers in the US, UK and India are not more forthcoming about their HTC One Mini plans, but I guess this is the game they all play?



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