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GTA V preparation with nostalgic revisit

We have some fantastic news for bored GTA V fanatics who are getting impatient on waiting for that magical September 17 GTA V release date. Rockstar has decided to give everyone the perfect opportunity to pass the time, by offering some amazing discounts on mobile versions of some of their past GTA games, including the excellent GTA Vice City.

The best thing about this, is that the discounts are active on both the iOS and Android versions of the games – meaning that almost everyone is likely to be able to join in on this. If you head to the Google Play or Apple Store now, you’ll be able to find the likes of GTA Vice City, Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA: Chinatown Wars available with a discount for a limited time only.

How cheap you ask? How about $2.99 for Vice City on either Android or iOS, that is amazing value any way you look at it, especially when we remind you that all of the game’s licensed music is included on the mobile versions. GTA 3 is also $2.99 as well, as is Chinatown Wars – although the latter is only available for iOS.

These special prices will only be available until July 30, so don’t waste any time deciding on this. $3 is nothing compared to some of the rip-off console add ons you can buy, so we definitely recommend picking up GTA Vice City. In doing so, you will surely be kept busy on your mobile for a long period of time, as you race around trying to find those pesky hidden packages.

We all want GTA V to come as soon as possible, but Rockstar really know how to tease fans with an offer or two. Let us know if you are tempted to buy one of these classics to pass the time.



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