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Fuji X10 and X20 Gariz leather half case

Those looking to protect and compliment their Fuji cameras may find the Fuji X10 and X20 Gariz leather half case is the ideal accessory that does not cover up too much of your premium looking snapper.

We have embedded a product video above by davomrmac, which discusses a personal opinion concerning the Gariz leather half case. The brief but informative video gives us a visual impression and the reviewer mentions how he is not accustom to using a case with his camera, but feels this is definitely worth using.

The half case is made of genuine leather and once he installs the case on his Fuji X20 he gives us the impression he will not be taking it off again. He also discusses his issues with the initial off-centre tripod connection on the Fuji X20, while the case ideally shifts the tripod mount to the centre.

In addition, the case makes the camera comfortable to hold without taking the look away from the Fuji X20. Do you find the re-centering of the tripod hole an added extra to this Gariz leather half case? Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts.



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