Dell Precision M3800 Workstation specs raises concerns

By Peter Chubb - Jul 25, 2013

The new Dell Precision M3800 Workstation specs have been revealed, although not a full breakdown, and it does seem as though some of them have been raising concerns, which we’ll explain in a bit. The new Workstation will make use of the new Haswell chip from Intel, which isn’t a surprise because anything less would have been a silly move.

About those limited Dell Precision M3800 Workstation specs – Thanks to the new teaser page from Dell, we now know their latest laptop will come with the Intel Core-i7 CPU for improved performance, although we have no idea on what clock speed it will be.

We also know for certain that the machine will make use of a NVIDIA Quadro graphics with a resolution of 3,200 x 1,800, and will sport the QHD+ multi-touch IGZO display. The Dell Precision M3800 Workstation will be lighter and thinner as well, but let’s hope the design looks better than we have seen in the past.

Some of the other projected specs include 15GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, or a choice of a 512GB SSD instead.

Dell Precision M3800 Workstation concerns include
– Fears that the resolution could have a negative affect on 3D CAD performance, there’s also a fear that the screen could give off too much glare, but that’s just speculation for now. Going back to that resolution, we do hope that there will be plenty of software support?

These are just a few concerns, but maybe we should just wait and see how it all works out once Dell finally releases the Precision M3800 Workstation, whenever that will be?

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  • ConnorL

    Finally a 15.4″ laptop with 3200×1800 resolution, but it’s not using a Nvidia GeForce for gaming. Dell did a great job on this laptop, but I was hoping that we would be able to find a “Ultra-slim” Gaming laptop.

    • Rosani Masau

      Nvida Quadro is better than Nvida Geforce.

      • Eric Cheung

        Nope. They cannot be compared in such parallel ways. Quadro is for work and rendering details, which may be slow for games, as gaming focuses more on speed and ‘fps’. Geforce, in some specific rendering programs such as Revit, works just as well as Quadro, because most if not all rendering is done in the processor. However, for 3D Autocad, Quadro’s rendering approach (detail first) works better. A Quadro equivalent for GeForce would be much more expensive.