Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies fixed with vast updates

Treyarch may be preparing to unleash Black Ops 2 Buried zombies for PS3 and PC players early next month, but this week there is good reason to jump back into the Xbox 360 version of the game, thanks to a brand new title update. Launched earlier this week, Treyarch has now addressed a vast number of issues with the new Buried zombies map, likely to result in a brand new experience the next time you jump into a match with friends.

The update was introduced to the game on Tuesday, to coincide with the release of brand new Personalization packs for the game, one of which includes a pack-a-punch skin pack to use in Black Ops 2 multiplayer. While that seems to be getting a lot of attention, you should make note of the sheer amount of changes that Treyarch has made to Buried.

For example, a few fixes that we can see from the list include no more free passes over the mansion fence by using an ‘invisible collision’. Another big fix that Treyarch has fixed, is the glitch which allowed players to position their buildables in the general store so they were free from zombie attack.

It basically looks like this is one big glitch fixing fest, as we’ve spotted that Treyarch has also fixed the rather popular bug where players could be immune from zombie attack by holding a claymore next to the mystery box, whilst looking ‘downwards’ at the same time – bad luck for those that never got to enjoy this one.

There’s plenty more fixes to read through, so we suggest you take the time to study everything here if you are a regular player on Xbox 360. Tell us if you still have a problem with Buried zombies that hasn’t been fixed.



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