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Battlefield 4 has new Battlelog, COD Ghosts needs app

Battlefield 4 is already looking like an amazing game to pick up later this year, but now it is going to get even better. EA has just unveiled a new version of Battlelog that will support BF4 and we can tell you that the changes compared to the same app for BF3 are quite significant. On the other side of the pond, we wonder if Activision has similar plans to introduce a new app for Call of Duty Ghosts to compete.

Battlelog was already pretty good on BF3, especially if you were playing on the PC as it allowed you to jump straight into servers and customize loadouts ready for your next session. Now, DICE has boasted the ability for instant changes as you switch between the television and mobile app, with instant weapon changes and instant game joining.

Perhaps the most impressive new feature of Battlelog though, is the ability to use the mobile interface as a live second screen when playing Battlefield 4. It effectively doubles up as a second over the top map, allowing you to get a clear sense of your surroundings, ie being more tactically aware of where your enemy is coming from and which location they are currently attacking.

EA are also adding some challenge-based missions directly into Battlelog, allowing you and your friends to compete with each other for bragging rights. The new trailer released this week gives you an idea of how Battlelog will operate when Battlefield 4 is released in October.

While this is amazing news for all BF4 fans, we don’t see any plans from Activision or Infinity Ward at the moment to offer some sort of competing app for Call of Duty Ghosts. It would be nice if we had the second screen option for Ghosts as well via a mobile app, so we’ll have to see if Activision decides to accommodate this.

As a Call of Duty player, do you wish you had a similar app? Battlefield 4 players are for a treat.



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