Xbox One Vs PS4 stock advantage from analyst

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2013

Have you already made the crucial decision on which next-generation console to pick up this Fall? While most of you may have already pre-ordered a system, others may be waiting for more expert ‘feedback’ from critics. If that’s the case, you’ll be interested to hear what one analyst has had to say this week on the upcoming launch.

If you have already reserved a console early, you obviously won’t need to worry about stock problems closer to launch. Those who are still waiting though may be in for an anxious ride, as we’ve already seen evidence from some retailers that Xbox One and PS4 initial launch stock editions are starting to dry up.

An analyst with Baird has chimed in on the possible stock problems that may arise, claiming that Microsoft will actually have an advantage over Sony with a ratio of 2-3x units favoring the Xbox One over the PS4, in terms of stock availability. Colin Sebastian added to GamesIndustry that the reversal of Microsoft’s DRM policies has also helped the company to regain their momentum.

Having said that, the clued-up consumer is unlikely to forget the mess that went on over the E3 period, while others may simply just buy the PS4 because it is $100 cheaper. Don’t forget that this is just one analyst’s opinion though and regardless of what happens closer to launch – the real debate is going to come after launch when we get the initial sales figures in.

Do you agree that Microsoft are firmly back in favor in the public eye, or are you picking up the PS4 simply because it’s cheaper to buy?

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  • Kevin

    I preordered ps4….
    I’m an Xbox fan and like the online gaming.
    Reason to choose ps4 is:
    The dashboard is a lot better than ps3 crap, now having tiles like Xbox.
    I don’t have to pay more money for the kinect that I wouldn’t use as you get a controller to navigate.
    Obviously the ps 4 is cheaper but that is not the real problem.
    And what’s to stop Microsoft changing there mind again after they have sold there units about second hand games as there has been much hype about people wanting the drm

    • DarkfullDante

      They confirmed that if they bring back DRM it would be an optional function and that would be only available on virtual games (bough online). So, on that side you could have trust Microsoft.

      But for the Kinect I can understand. I preordered the xbox one, because I like the innovation that the Kinect can finally bring in core gaming, the fact that it is no longer an accessory, but a function that comes with makes the developpers wanting to bring something new. But if your looking for a traditional console, without innovation because you don’t want to try new tech, well the PS4 is for you, as for my part I already built my own gaming PC.

      • DisKinected

        No decent, “serious” game for gamers (I do NOT mean something like Kinectimals or whatever it is) will ever use Kinect (or Move or whatever). It is more for young kids or very casual adult gamers. A bit like the Wii. All my non-gamer friends went out and bought the Wii. I, of course, did not. It’s not about trying new tech coz its just not that new. Guys like me just don’t want to use motion or voice commands. Dunno why. Just feel like a tool. Never used Siri on my iPhone or iPad either. A question, what motion based interaction do you have for your gaming PC that would have cost 3-4 times what even the XBone will cost? Let me guess…you haven’t included such “new tech”. Am I right?