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Xbox One bundle without Kinect is unlikely

It is no secret that many consumers are unhappy that Microsoft is essentially forcing users to use their new Kinect camera with the Xbox One whether they like it or not. Some would obviously like the option to buy the console without having the camera included, but unfortunately it looks like Microsoft so far has no plans to accommodate this.

Rumors had started to emerge recently, suggesting that Microsoft would attempt to eat into Sony’s $100 cheaper PS4. To do this, they would reportedly offer two versions of the Xbox One console, the standard one which we know will be $499, but also a cheaper option which would come without the Kinect camera.

However, Microsoft has wasted no time in releasing a statement to GameFront saying that there are no such plans in place. Whilst firmly denying the rumors, the company also took the time to reiterate that their belief is there in Kinect and that they think $499 is great value for the consumer on the whole.

So there we have it – it looks like you will be stuck with Kinect regardless. As a further reminder, you will be able to turn off the voice activated features of the camera in settings if you are still worried about that. We also feel that we have not seen enough of Kinect yet, so Microsoft really needs to give us a second showing we feel.

Are you a consumer who would also like to pick up an Xbox One console, but without Kinect included? Are you still planning to wait until the Holiday season to try and pick up a console for a cheaper price?



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