PS Vita needs Castle of Illusion HD release

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2013

If you are a fan of Disney games, there’s a good chance that you are keeping a close eye on the excellent looking Castle of Illusion remake, set to be released as a digital title next month on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Unfortunately though, it’s yet another game that would be a perfect fit for the PS Vita, but has once again been overlooked by Sony and the developers.

We have some fresh gameplay for you to check out, combined with some developer insight from the team over at SEGA Australia. The remake really is looking fantastic, although you may only appreciate it fully if you played the original on the Megadrive all those years ago.

Rather than a simple remake, the game is whole new ‘re-imagining’ and will include all new features as well as hidden challenges for Mickey to work through. As the developers point out in the video, there’s something very magical about a Disney game and it firmly looks like Castle of Illusion may even go on to top the recently released Duck Tales remake.

While all of the positives are there to see, it’s very frustrating to see that there is no word on a PS Vita release. The gorgeous crisp new visuals would look amazing on that 5-inch OLED screen, so what’s going on? There’s no Duck Tales remake on PS Vita either, so does Sony not want to make any money or something?

Ask the majority of gamers what platform they would choose for the game, and we’re willing to bet that a lot would love to play this game on PS Vita. For unknown reasons though, it’s not going to happen – perhaps one of those petitions needs to be set up in order to get the word across to SEGA and Sony.

What are your thoughts on the Castle of Illusion remake, would you like to see this game on PS Vita as well?

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  • Sneezerdoc

    bring it to VITA! More kid centric games will really open the Vita up to a larger audience.

    • Bob Bilbert

      Sony is supposedly going to try to market it to a younger gen. So this would be perfect for everyone. Such a shame though.