Nintendo 3DS XL black US release date is close

By Alan Ng - Jul 24, 2013

It looks like patience is going to pay big rewards for US consumers who are looking to get their hands on an elusive black colored Nintendo 3DS XL model. This version of Nintendo’s handheld has still not seen a release in US shores after turning up in Japan, but it now seems as if Nintendo are finally ready to release.

We have already mentioned earlier this week how well Nintendo seems to be doing at the moment, with even Nintendo themselves failing to resist the temptation to officially reveal that the handheld is now currently outselling both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in the UK.

Great software like Animal Crossing: New Leaf and upcoming giants such as Pokemon X and Y and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds are factors in the success, while Nintendo’s eagerness to offer exclusive 3DS colors also seem to be going down very well with consumers.

Now, we have evidence that the lovely black version of the 3DS XL may soon be available in North America. The model is starting to appear in commercials on TV to promote Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, but a Canadian flyer seen here also hints that the release date for the black 3DS XL could be Friday July 26.

Personally, we prefer the look of the limited edition Pokemon X and Y, and the Monster Hunter 4 editions of the 3DS console, but this is a great alternative if you are unable to get your hands on either of those. Let us know if you are seriously considering a purchase, in time for Pokemon and Zelda later this year.

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  • sdfcommander

    All black all the way!!! Black is the PERFECT color for a console. I have not upgraded to a 3DS XL because of the lack of an all black system. The current colors offered in the U.S. look like pre-school toys 🙁 I still have my all black Sega Genesis, Sega CD and N64 and they still look new. My all black Sega Nomad also looked great after many years of use. To me black speaks to permanence where as the current colors offered remind me too much of a fad. If this all black one comes out I will be happy to trade my launch edition blue 3DS for one in a heart beat. I actually bought this blue one because the black one was all sold out. Come on Nintendo, please bring the all black 3DS XL to the U.S. The only reason I can think it is not here is because they are selling enough of the blue and red systems they don’t need to change anything. An all black system is their ace in the hole when sales dip. Come on Nintendo, do what is right by the fans and give us our black system.

  • hjedjegd

    big whoop