LG Pocket Photo mobile printer given review

By Marlon Votta - Jul 24, 2013

The LG Pocket Photo mobile printer is said to be LG’s s lightest and smallest version to date, which works with any tablet or smartphone. Delivering colour prints via ZINK inkless printing technology users can use this pocket sized gadget to produce images to the estimated size of a business card.

With the ZINK inkless printing technology the company inform potential customers that this will eliminate the need for expensive ink cartridges, and The Inquirer document an informative LG Pocket Photo printer review discussing its unveiling at the Gadget Show 2013 this year.

The event held in Birmingham showcased this new product and the suggested price is £130 for what LG regard as their lightest, compact mobile photo printer on the market. It is only an inch thick and compatible with both iOS and Android devices, with the capability to print 2×3 inch images.

Additionally, the mobile printer also operates wirelessly using either near field communications or Bluetooth and the design and build statistics highlight a weight of just 215g, sizing up at 72x120x24mm.

While it is available in black and white it is not regarded as pocket-sized, and is said to fit a handbag or backpack much more comfortably. Directions of how to fill the device with paper are discussed along with details of the required application accessible from the Apple App Store or Google Play, as this is needed in order to enable the printer to function.

Other information highlights editing the image within the app, as well as sending an image to print, and the overall performance. The photo paper is also mentioned as this has to be specially purchased online as Amazon charge around £16.50 for just 30 cards, or 55p per photo.

According to the report the LG mini printer is a tidy piece of kit, but is not the highest quality or fastest printer they have experienced with an estimated time of around a minute-per-photo. Overall they feel this is a decent addition to the world of mini printers, which is ideal for the casual user, but not to be taken too seriously, awarding the LG Pocket Photo mobile printer with an above average score of 6/10.

Does the high price of the ZINK photo paper put you off this fun mini printer? Or do you feel this is this the ideal companion for those who just want to have fun printing small images off their current devices.

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  • QualiMedd

    Looks just like the Polaroid POGO printer which I have had for several years. Paper is £16 for 70 sheets about 23p or Amazon sells for £9.99 less than 15p

    Jim Mackenzie