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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team transfer to PS4, Xbox One

We have some great news for those of you who are considering the rather expensive option of picking up FIFA 14 on both current-gen consoles, but also the upcoming versions of the game for Xbox One and PS4 as well. EA has now confirmed the crucial news that football fans will be able to transfer their FIFA 14 Ultimate Team progress, straight between the two platforms.

Considering that FIFA Ultimate Team has arguably become the most popular aspect of FIFA 13, this is obviously a very big deal for those that were worried about the game not transferring over. With frequent real money transactions occurring in Ultimate Team though, we’re glad to see that EA has made the sensible decision.

As confirmed in a press release, EA has stated in black and white that fans will be able to transfer over their Ultimate Team full roster, in-game items and in-game currency (coins) from current gen over to next-gen. As a further bonus, EA has also said that any Ultimate Team changes that are made on FIFA 14, will also be reflected on the other platform – so progress on Xbox One FIFA 14 and see that same progress on the Xbox 360 version for example.

If you are a heavy Ultimate Team player, it’s a good idea to check out the full statement from EA here. The big decision that you need to make is obviously on whether you are willing to purchase FIFA 14 twice. That is not going to be cheap, so it would be nice if EA were to make some sort of discount program available – we can all dream right?

Presuming EA are indeed thinking about charging $80 for next-gen games, it could mean a whopping total of $140 just to have the luxury of FIFA 14 on current and next-gen systems. Who is honestly willing to give away that kind of money just like that?



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