Ultra Street Fighter 4 highlighted with new gameplay

By Alan Ng - Jul 23, 2013

We have some more footage of Ultra Street Fighter 4 to share with you now, the newly announced upgrade to Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, which will land in 2014 with five brand new characters. Some new gameplay has unveiled four of these new fighters in action, with Capcom still remaining silent on the elusive 5th fighter who will make their debut in the series.

During the initial announcement trailer, we only saw a brief segment showing the four new characters, Elena, Rolento, Hugo and Poison. Now, Capcom has released another trailer for the game, again showing off the four characters mentioned above but with some entirely new footage.

Fans of Rolento should be finally be glad to see him in the game after being disappointed with his Street Fighter X Tekken appearance. You can see some new brief footage of him in Ultra Street Fighter 4 at the 2:20 mark, facing off against an Evil Ryu.

Perhaps the trailer is best served though for those who are a fan of Street Fighter tournaments. The beginning of the clip gives a detailed recap of the recent Street Fighter 25th anniversary tournament and shows the likes of Diago in battle against some other professionals.

As a reminder, the game is going to be a $15 upgrade if you already have Super Street Fighter IV, but otherwise it will be a full $40 retail purchase and will come with all of the DLC released for SF4 so far. There’s no date yet, but the next piece of information that we want to see is about that 5th character – who could it possibly be?

Out of Hugo, Elena, Poison and Rolento – who is the best and why?

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  • Where’s the beef?

    Why Elena so slow??? Releasing characters and modding for homogeny is SO worthless without each and every one having a meaningful positive impact on the meta. I can understand the need for complete transition past SFxT given SSF4’s dated meta-game but I no want new purchases to be minor meta updates + a SMIDGE of roster development. That being said, KUDOS to Capcom for the extended roster development over time. It’s just worth it.