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LG vs. Samsung curved OLED TV release – US price unison

If you have been salivating at the thought of owning a LG or Samsung curved OLED TV and you live in the US, then we have some great news, as details on pricing and availability have just been announced. These devices were shown off during CES earlier this year, and so they have been a long time coming, but you need to prepare yourself for the shock, as they will cost a small fortune.

LG vs. Samsung curved OLED TV – While we await the first hands-on comparison reviews, we thought you might like to know that the Samsung curved OLED TV will arrive this week in select US stores and will cost $14,999. The TV is already available in Korea, and so the likes of Best Buy getting the new kind of TV set is a huge deal, not only for the company, but US consumers as well.

Samsung’s rival, LG had announced when they will be selling their OLED HDTV first, although you still have a couple of weeks wait for the US release. The LG curved OLED TV US price is also $15,000 and will offer a 55-inch screen, again, the same as the Samsung model.

You have to ask yourself if these are curved enough and large enough to justify paying $15,000, although it’s no surprise considering it’s the latest technology. We just can’t see these making it to mass market like their LED siblings, as they will never come down to a more affordable cost.

Having said that, OLED will be better than LED and Plasma, as it will offer a much deeper shade of black than those other two technologies. Samsung Galaxy smartphones use OLED, but it’s the first time they have put it in a TV screen and given it a curve.

As yet, we have no idea how much benefit there is to having a curved screen, so let’s hope we get to see some LG and Samsung curved OLED TV reviews soon?



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