HTC One update with T-Mobile reception improvements

By Alan Ng - Jul 23, 2013

We have some good news for those of you with an HTC One on T-Mobile’s network in the US. The carrier has been very impressive in the support department and this week we bring you news of another official software update that is now available to download over the air, adding significant improvements to your handset in the process.

If you have your device at the ready, you actually should have received the update already, since it started rolling out officially on Monday July 22. Updates sometimes take a while to reach everyone though, so you may still be waiting for your turn. If this is you, you’ll want to head to T-Mobile’s support page here to get a full lowdown on what is coming in the update.

From what we can see, the biggest improvement is enhancements to call reception and also improvements when using LTE data. On top of that, T-Mobile has promised general software stability and enhancements to the processor. It means that if you have previously been having big problems getting a stable reception when making calls in some locations – hopefully this update will help you out.

It may not be a major update to a new version of Android for the T-Mobile HTC One, but it’s definitely an update that users should appreciate. Having a frequent level of support and communication from a carrier is always a good thing, especially when you see the opposite of some of the other carriers in the US.

Let us know if you have spotted the OTA update notification already, and how your HTC One is getting on after installing. Would you say that T-Mobile is right up there in terms of good customer support?

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  • Bonedatt

    HDR option has been added back. Just got the update on my phone. It’s just an app that will be automatically updated. Took less than a minute

  • nick_o_bob

    It’s downloadable in Kansas. We’ll see how the improvements live up to what it says it will do

  • Bonedatt

    No, they are not right up there in terms of customer support. There’s never a first time resolution with Tmobile. You’ll have to call multiple times and get different answers to your issue. OAN, the recent software update that I performed yesterday, took away the HDR Camera function on the HTC ONE. It’s bad enough that these carriers always claim enhancements and stability which they never detail out for consumers to determine if it is worth updating; now they go ahead to remove features that we need?