GTA V PC release pressure with petition

The hunt for a PC announcement of GTA V goes on this week, with news that an ongoing petition that begun at the start of the year has now started to gather some serious momentum. Rockstar is still refusing to confirm a PC release of GTA V as they concentrate on the console release date, but surely the game has to be coming to PC at some point in 2014.

It could be considered a travesty if it didn’t, especially with the success of GTA IV on PC thanks to the new opportunities and longevity factors that become possible with the use of custom mods. PC owners have been praying upon each week for official confirmation from Rockstar, but it looks like they are not paying any attention for the moment.

Meanwhile, a petition started in February is now starting to get big attention. Visit the page here and you’ll see that a petition for a PC version of GTA V is now closing in on the quarter of a million signature milestone. The current target is 300,000, so does that mean that Rockstar are ‘officially’ supposed to acknowledge it once this target has been reached?

Then again, if they have kept silent all of this time, then surely they can decide to ignore this petition as well, regardless of how many signatures have been secured? Having said that, we’ve seen recently with the Xbox One DRM reversal just how big the voice of the gamer is, so anything can happen.

Have you signed this signature to get GTA V on PC? Put it this way, how would you react if it is confirmed that GTA V won’t be on PC in 2014?



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