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Blu Life Play visual review, specs and price

When you take into account the amount of smartphones on the market the more premium products can be quite pricey, although many devices have similar features. With this in mind, there are some phones out there which can be ideal for your individual requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Above this article we have embedded a video review of the Blu Life Play along with a run-through of the specs and price. The Blu Life Play smartphone is available for the value cost of $230 (off-contact) and features Android 4.2. Accumulating 49 likes with only 2 dislikes we get a positive overall perspective of what viewers think.

By looking at the response from the Blu Life Play review we get the impression the viewer’s seem quite taken by this value phone, although they are asking for more information on how to obtain this device, which can be found on Amazon. In addition, the Blu Life Play only supports one of the two major audio standards when it comes to the headphones.

This could be an issue for those who use Beats headphones, even though the headphones which come with the device do actually deliver a decent sound. To see a visual review of the Blu Life Play specs and price check out the aforementioned video and let us know your thoughts.

Were you looking for a great value smartphone which has the sort of features found on a more expensive smartphone? Alternatively, is the headphone jack a big issue with you?



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