PS Vita price cut for 2013 on the horizon

By Alan Ng - Jul 22, 2013

We may have some good news at last for prospective PS Vita owners this year. Consumers have been praying for a PS Vita price cut to happen in 2013 before the Sony PS4 lands and it looks like we may have some solid evidence that this may become a reality. Sony has previously remained very silent on a price cut happening in Europe and the US, but have now given a strong hint in their latest financial report.

As most of you are well aware, Sony has already officially cut the price of the PS Vita, but only for Japanese consumers. It meant that the company were obviously unwilling to chop the price down just yet for US and EU buyers, but at the same time it was always going to be inevitable at a future date.

We have heard thanks to DualShockers, that Sony has commented on a potential price drop with some clever wording during their recent financial report posting. Here is the interesting portion of text, taken from their report:

“For PlayStation Vita, we aim to secure sales and profit growth through various hardware sales initiatives and the release of compelling software titles.”

Hardware sales initiatives can only be interpreted as discounts off the current price of the PS Vita, so basically it looks like a price cut will be ready before the end of the year – what else could they possibly be talking about if not? The big question is when we are likely to see a new price enforced.

Considering the upcoming PS4 launch and the timing of this report, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony announced a price cut during GamesCom 2013 in Germany, which starts at the end of next month. It would be a very wise move indeed, with consumers very interested in picking up a PS Vita than ever before, due to the new Remote Play streaming features which is set to work across the majority of PS4 titles.

It’s about time isn’t it? Let us know if you will definitely buy a PS Vita later this year in time for PS4, if Sony introduce a substantial price cut.

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  • Phi Nguyen

    It could alwsys mean what kazo has already said before no pricecut but new value bundles

  • Greggory Alexander

    Yah….that will be great. They should also give us a bundle like ps4 + ps vita + 16g memory card and a ps4 game. This should cost about $500. That will be a great bundle for the holidays.

    • Maggard

      At $499 Sony is losing money for these items, not just profit. Any one interested in a PS4 would be smart taking advantage of such a deal. As a limited bundle, it shouldn’t be ignored by Sony. I would hope the game included be a Cross-Buy one.
      Here are the retail prices for the proposed bundle. At $500, its about 35% off retail price. Adding the PS4 Eye would increase the retail price separately by $59.99 ($829.95) or c.40% off retail at $500. I am pretty sure the bundle would not stay on the shelves for long.
      .:. $399.99 – PS4 Console
      .:. $249.99 – PS-Vita WIFI
      .:. $ 59.99 – PS-Vita 16g Memory Card
      .:. $ 59.99 – PS4 Retail Game
      .:. ======
      .:. $769.96