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Left 4 Dead 3 with Source 2, possible on PS4, Xbox One?

We could have something very exciting to share with you now, as Left 4 Dead 3 could be hours away from an unexpected announcement. It’s no secret that fans have been requesting Valve to press on with another game in the series after the amazing Left 4 Dead 2, but now we could be seeing the first concrete evidence that Valve plans to deliver.

Coming seemingly out of nowhere, a countdown for Left 4 Dead 3 has emerged and can be viewed on this website as noted by StickSkills. Upon first glance, you’ll notice that the domain is based in Russia, which is somewhat strange seeing as would have obviously been far more relevant.

That doesn’t rule it out completely though. The next observation is that there is a wonderful Source 2 logo contained below the countdown, which should make a lot of you very excited indeed. Valve has been working on their next engine for a long time behind closed doors and it’s also thought to be the same engine that will be used to power Half Life 3.

As for the countdown itself, you will also be interested to know that the ending of the time will coincide directly with the start of the GamesCom 2013 expo over in Germany. Is Valve possibly planning to make Left 4 Dead 3 the big announcement that will shock all those in attendance? It would be a great occasion if it does happen.

When that moment arrives though, what kind of platforms are we talking about. PC is obviously certain, but will Valve choose to bring Left 4 Dead 3 only to the Xbox platform with the Xbox One, or will they now look at the PS4 hardware and decide that Left 4 Dead 3 belongs on the PlayStation at last as well?

It would be amazing if all console owners could enjoy the game together, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Give us your thoughts on the countdown and if you believe that Left 4 Dead 3 will be brought to the PS4 or not along with Xbox One and PC.



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