BMW i3 price for UK, US released before range

Even before the price of the BMW i3 had been announced the company believed that sales were going to be rather positive, although this was only because interest was so high, and we all know how people’s interest can falter the closer we get to a release. We have to wonder how positive public interest will be now the BMW i3 price for the UK and the US has been released?

BMW i3 price for Europe, UK, US
– The price for each country is as follows, €34,950, £25,680 and $35,000 respectively. We need to point out that the reason for the cheaper UK price is because of a £5,000 subsidy. Having said that, we know those other countries will also have their own incentives.

If you are not happy with purchasing a BMW i3 outright, then you could enter into a leasing program, where you’ll pay £369 per month in the UK following an initial payment of £2,995.00. No details have been given for BMW i3 leasing in Europe and the US, although we should learn more soon.

The official BMW i3 range has still yet to be announced, but we do know the German automaker will be unveiling their new electric vehicle at their events being held at Beijing, London and New York on July 29, 2013. Releasing details of the price for each country before the range is just another way to keep you interested.

There’s been a huge concern as to the BMW i3 styling, as it’s not the best looking car. It’s as though BMW’s styling department has taken a vacation and left a child in charge, although a child does have a far better imagination. Okay, we are being a little too harsh, but come on, it’s so ugly for a vehicle that you will be paying a premium for just because of the BMW badge.



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