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Battlefield 4 minimum requirements on PC rumored

With perhaps the majority of true Battlefield veterans looking to pick up Battlefield 4 on the PC platform, one of the outstanding requests that still hasn’t been confirmed by EA or DICE is the official minimum PC specification requirement. We now have a rumored list to give you, although it appears there may already be some doubt as to whether it is real or not.

Battlefield 4 is set for release on October 29 and it shaping up to be an epic game that improves on the already fantastic Battlefield 3 which is still being regularly played online today. This week, we bring you some prospective minimum specs to consider, actually coming from an online retail listing from Ubisoft’s direct store.

According to their listing, 2GB RAM is required at the very least, while you may need to be in possession of a 2Ghz Dual Core processor, along with a DirectX 10.1 graphics card with 512 MB RAM at the minimum. Remember, this has not been confirmed by EA yet though and there’s already whispers emerging that these details could just be a placeholder for Ubisoft’s listing.

Assuming they are accurate though, the recommended specs are also included, and it lists a Quad-core CPU setup with 4GB of RAM and a DirectX 11 card with 1024 MB RAM – both the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon 6950 have been name dropped specifically. The big question obviously – do you have either of these graphics cards or something better which you plan to run Battlefield 4 on?

Getting the right setup and a stable FPS is obviously key to becoming a good player, so it is logical to consider an upgrade if you don’t have a graphics card which can play the latest games. Let us know your initial thoughts on those rumored specs and what your current PC set up is.

Are you ready to play Battlefield 4 on optimum settings or not?



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