Avengers Alliance: Forget Comic Con, fix your game Playdom

By Alan Ng - Jul 23, 2013

Avengers Alliance may be in the midst of some exciting reveals thanks to Comic Con weekend, but unfortunately it appears that developers Playdom are still failing to sense the grasp of keeping their general player base happy. Not for the first time, we’ve discovered that more premium items are being sold, which don’t actually work as advertised upon purchase.

Thousands of players who play the game regularly will agree that this aspect of introducing new features for the game, but breaking several others in the process – is a constant headache. Perhaps the worst thing about it though, is the fact that Playdom seemingly refuse to acknowledge their flaws, highlighted with the dismal customer service as highlighted in a previous report we did here.

It’s a real shame as well, as we love Comic Con just like the rest of you – who doesn’t? We’ve just had exciting reveals such as Bishop as the next PVP hero reward, Ares as a future Spec Ops reward and Elektra as the next lockbox hero, but still we are having to endure painful reminders of Playdom’s business practices.

Go into the game now, and you’ll see that Playdom has put up a premium item called the ‘Radian Cannon’, which has a price tag of 64 gold attached to it. In real money terms, this translates to around $15 of your hard earned cash. While the weapon’s abilities are worthy of any skilled agent, the weapon is in fact broken which effectively means that Playdom are asking players to cough up cash in return for an item that doesn’t work.


We hear sinister things about EA all of the time, but surely even EA wouldn’t attempt a stunt like this would they? Perhaps even more disappointing for fans is that this is just one case of several, where the number of bugs are starting to outweigh the positive aspects of the game.

If Playdom simply communicated to their player base about these kinds of issues, even come out with an apology of some sorts it would be a different case all together. Instead though, they are basically sending out a message that they want players to spend 64 gold on a weapon that they haven’t even bothered to test before asking players to buy it – the same players that have effectively contributed to Playdom’s success so far.

Do Disney and Marvel really know what is going on behind the scenes at Avengers Alliance? Give us your thoughts on the sheer amount of bugs in the game, combined with Playdom’s apparent refusal to acknowledge them. There’s even a fan-made bug thread on the game’s official forum, which seemingly gets completely ignored – both by Playdom and the moderation team that run the forums.

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  • Jason

    Not only is the customer service horrible the programmers appear to not test their code at all. The last two patches come to mind at once. They fix something in one patch and then break the same thing two weeks later with another patch. Combine that with the fact they introduce a host of bugs that make many characters not viable and it makes me think that the people still willing to spend hundreds of dollars on this game are completely addicted and should seek help.

  • Charles

    They constantly release heroes which are fantastic at first but are then “touched up” (nerfed really bad) and then become not viable in the pvp arena. I would be fine if they just released them like this on the get go, but when I pay for something receive it and then have it altered without my consent it feels like false advertising/fraud. Weapons bought with in game currency undergo the same process, they come out and they are fantastic, then a few weeks later they are altered to reduce their power. The pvp system is also grossly broken as evidenced by the last tournament. Due to a mistake random people who did not deserve it were placed in the highest category at the end of the tournament and handed all the rewards whereas players who actually invested time and money to place higher were just hung out to dry. The interminable list of bugs and the complete and utter refusal to communicate with their customers make playdom a horrible developper for this game. One can only hope Marvel/Disney will notice that this game could rake in a lot more money if the players were happy than by allowing this incompetent company to continue botching up half they updates they roll out. By the way, is season too still coming “soon”? Playdom has exceeded their own release date by over a month and have not offered explanation, compensation or a tentative schedule for release. If I showed up at work a month later with a project, I know I’d be on my behind in the street faster than I can say comicon… why is playdom still here?

    • Bam

      Then don’t play. Lol. But the truth is that all you wanna do is whine like a little girl. And you’re still going to wait. And you’re still going to play, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at an article about MAA and taking the time to whine about it. So take it and like it.

      Also, have some cheese with your whine.

  • Beanie Masterton

    Player versus player is dominated by beta testers who were given crystals unavailable to the public.
    Tacticians are supposed to get a free turn against blasters but this fails half of the time.

    • Bam

      No, that’s over. And no, you apparently just don’t know how to play.

      PVP does suck though, apparently you just suck to much to know why.

    • John Smith

      The beta tester crystals have been done away with and replaced with regular iso for the people who had them. Even if they weren’t, they’ve been obsolete for awhile now anyway.

      The only reason why a Tactician wouldn’t get a free turn on a blaster is exhaustion. There are are no bugs related to Tact bonus reported on the forums so I’m assuming that’s why you’re not getting it.