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ES on new DriveClub PS4 gameplay demo

Racing game enthusiasts that watched the Sony PS4 launch demo will certainly remember DriveClub, but what you might have forgotten is the fact that this game was only one-third complete. There is a lot more to come in the form of tracks, cars, cameras and of course multiplayer action.

Evolution Studios is developing the game exclusively for the PS4, so this will be one of the exclusive PS4 games our readers can’t wait to get hands-on with, especially if you love racing games and like the idea of being in a first person view.

Get ready for new details – in a very short forum posting, Evolution Studios said there is going to be a new DriveClub PS4 gameplay demo arriving at Gamescom 2013. This demo will include a lot more visually and in the way of real gameplay.

You can see the gameplay from E3 in the video below this article, but get ready for a lot more to be shown off at Gamescom. What are you hoping to see in the way of DriveClub gameplay and features?

Take a look at the exact posting by ES on NeoGAF. Our expectations for this game are massive, and the developers certainly hyped up its potential during the PS4 reveal earlier this year. Something they have wanted to work on for around 10 years.



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