iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor placement lacks importance

By Peter Chubb - Jul 19, 2013

We know that Apple is to release a new iPhone this year, but that’s about all we can say for sure in terms of their next-gen smartphone. Many of you assume that we could see a plastic model, as well as one made from metal, but that’s something we have discussed on many occasions. Something else we have spoken about is that it’s more than likely going to be the iPhone 5S, and that it could very well come with a fingerprint sensor.

In the past we had assumed the next iPhone would come with a fingerprint sensor, but we never really paid that much attention as to where it will be on the handset, that is until now. The latest rumor would suggest the iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor placement could be part of the screen

To some this would seem like an important topic to discuss, as most of us assumed the fingerprint sensor would be part of the home button, and knowing that this may not be the case is a surprise. There’s said to be proof of this, as it is a recent patent that has suggested this.

While this may come as a shock to some of you, considering the fact the home button would have been the easy option because of not having to make huge changes to the display, it seems Apple has a good reason to make this change, if this rumor is correct, and that’s assuming the iPhone 5S will come with a fingerprint scanner in the first place.

It’s no shock that there are plenty of people who are not in favor of this tech being used on the iPhone, and would rather stick with a trusted password to help protect your phone, as well as log in to accounts to purchase items.

Personally, we feel as though the technology is not quite there at the moment, and so Apple may give Fingerprint technology a miss for another year at least, but would you agree?

Source: 9to5Mac.

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  • justAguy

    The reason why people would rather not use it is because it
    barely worked on other technology. It seems like a gimmick because the
    technology only worked 30 percent of the time. If Apple can get it working
    almost flawlessly, then people will enjoy and put more trust in the technology
    itself. If the product doesn’t work then Apple will look foolish and the
    fingerprint scanner will be written off as a gimmick. Apple has another chance
    to show that they make quality products that people will want. If they mess
    this up it will look bad for them and show desperation.