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iOS 7 and Galaxy S4 security crack attempts

The likes of Apple and Samsung understand that the US Government has been looking at ways to try and improve security on their iOS and Android devices, due to an increase in smartphone crime. Apple was one of the first to respond ahead of the summit when they announced a new feature that should prove a good deterrent, which they have called the Activation Lock.

iOS 7 and Galaxy S4 security crack attempts – The Government is not taking this issue lightly, and so have set up a team where security officials will aim to crack Activation Lock, which is part of the new iOS software, as well as Samsung’s LoJack security app, which features on the Galaxy 4S.

It will be interesting to see if the security experts are able to crack these two security features, and if so, which of the two was the hardest to crack? Apple’s solution, Activation Lock will work in conjunction with some of its tried and tested security features, such as Find my iPhone, and once you have used the latter to wipe your iPhone clean, it can only be restored by entering your Apple ID and password.

Some people have been skeptical about Apple’s Activation Lock, as they believe that it does not go far enough, and feel as though would-be-thieves will still be able to access a stolen iPhone. They suggest that there will be ways for an owner to give up their ID or password, and so making it easier for the thief to re-activate the iPhone and go about their business.

The biggest problem that we see with this initiative is the fact that it will still not stop people from selling the iPhone as parts, and making their money that way. Maybe a far simpler resolution would be to increase policing on the streets, and maybe lay off the easy targets, honest motorists?

Source: AG New York.



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