Ultra Street Fighter 4 predictions for new 5th character

If you are a big Street Fighter fan, you are probably still in a state of excitement over Capcom’s announcement regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4. The new refresh to the game is coming in 2014, but the big talking point is over the mystery new fifth character, which Capcom say is a brand new character not seen in any Street Fighter game to date.

To recap, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is going to be a standalone retail purchase for $40, or as a $15 DLC upgrade for those with a copy of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. The game will include all of the characters seen in Super Street Fighter 4 to date, but with four new inclusions – those being Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison.

However, there will also be another character coming, a character that is currently shrouded in mystery with Capcom remaining silent on the matter. What we do know is that this character hasn’t featured in any Street Fighter game before and another clue being that the character will actually be making their debut in a fighting game for the first time.

So what do you think about this and who could it possibly be? Characters owned by Capcom are a good place to start – it could be anyone though, how about Ryu from Breath of Fire as a wild guess? He would certainly give a match for anyone on the roster and would fit right in with his dragon power capabilities.

Considering the game isn’t out until 2014, it could be some time until Capcom decides to reveal this information as well – just to keep fans on their tops and interest for the game at a high. If you are planning to buy Ultra Street Fighter 4, let us know who you would like the character to be.



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