BBM for Android, iPhone release date fears solidified

By Peter Chubb - Jul 18, 2013

Ever since BlackBerry announced that they were to release BBM for Android and the iPhone, users of both platforms have been waiting in anticipation as to when we can expect to see them on their devices. As yet, nothing official has been announced, but earlier this month we did predict that it would not be available until late September.

BBM for Android and iPhone release date – Our prediction was not a good one to make, as this is still a couple of months away, and we are sure that time will drag. There has been some confusion as to when this new service for the other two platforms will release, and as yet BlackBerry has yet to make any sort of announcement.

It’s for this reason why we might have just been proven right with our prediction, and that our BBM for Android and iPhone release date fears may have now been solidified

We made this prediction before other blogs and now an official at BlackBerry India has highlighted the fact that BBM for Android and iPhone could release in September.

This little piece of information was shared with the media during the Q5 launch in India, where the Managing Director of BlackBerry India said in no uncertain terms that BlackBerry Messenger would be available to Android and iOS users before the end of September.

While millions of Android and iOS users will now be getting excited about the possibility of using BBM, you have to remember that it will not be clean and fresh, as there are certain to be ways to monetize the app, which we explained in a little more detail in a recent article.

Are you happy with waiting until late September for BBM for Android and iOS devcies?

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  • charlie2010

    re: release date fears solidified
    Guess thats one way to make a non-story exciting. Just who is ‘fearful’ anyways?

  • Kris Randall

    Anybody know if the BBM will be available for the iPod Touch as well?

    • GreginNJ

      If it runs on the iPhone, I’m 99% sure it’ll run on the iPod touch. I have an iPhone and I have a few friends overseas that have BlackBerrys so I am looking forward to BBM for iOS.

  • ashley

    I bought the q10 and realized NO ONE in nyc has a BlackBerry anymore. Hopefully sharing BBM will allow ME to use the app as well, possibly even video chat. :/

  • Forj

    I have to agree with Kurt Windibank. This article is attempting to make something out of nothing – a clear agenda to bash Blackberry. Cross-platform BBM will be a big deal and it can’t be released soon enough!

  • jbhadra

    Thanks so much for the incredibly well written article. With the growing number of pseudo ‘news’ agencies infiltrating the internet, it’s moments like this where I pause to thank God. This article sheds so much light – information that could only be found by typing the following keywords into any search engine: BBM iOS Android. How does this author have a job and maybe more importantly, who pays this fool?

  • Kurt Windibank

    Please buy a calander. If BB launches BBM LATER than end of Sept then you could write a story that it was late…otherwise…quit trying to make news out of nothing. Its idiot reporting like this that tries to put a negative spin on all things BB does….when the fact is they said end of Summer….which ends Sept 21.

  • Kurt Windibank

    BB announced it would be launched by end of summer. Summer ends in September. Are you mentally challenged?