Avengers Alliance PVP 10 Bishop due to Xmen movie?

It is Comic Con 2013 fever right now and we have some more good news for those of you playing Avengers Alliance on Facebook. The game is currently in middle of a new Spec Ops event featuring Daimon Hellstrom, but now we have confirmation of the hero reward for the next PVP 10 event.

If you are fan of the old X-men cartoon during the 90’s you should be familiar with Bishop. Justin Woods, producer of Avengers Alliance has just confirmed during Comic Con that Bishop is going to be the reward for PVP 10 – that means those lucky enough to spend money on the game to ensure their finish in the Adamantium league.

Like Cable as a previous PVP reward, Bishop has seemingly come out of nowhere. Having said that, we have a feeling that his inclusion in the game may have been fast tracked, due to the confirmation that Bishop is going to star in the next Xmen movie, Days of Future Past, which hits theaters in 2014.

We’ve even found an image of Omar Sy portrayed as Bishop, as he’ll appear in the movie – what do you think of his general appearance? Bishop is sure to be a popular choice with Marvel fans as many had been calling for him to be included a long time ago, especially with his rival Cable already in the game.


The main Marvel games panel at Comic Con is due to start on Saturday, so that’s when we should find out a lot more about what is coming next in Avengers Alliance. There’s still no sign of Season 2, but hopefully Playdom will end this saga once and for all and release it next week.

What are your thoughts on Bishop – do you expect to finish in Adamantium during PVP 10? It’s safe to say that there will be no repeat situation where everyone will be getting him for free, as what has just happened with Angel.



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