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Skyrim Falskaar mod download proves PC superiority

Console owners of Skyrim may have accepted that their adventure has officially come to an end with Bethesda’s confirmation that they won’t be supporting the game any more with regards to more DLC expansions after Dragonborn. For PC players though, it seems that the party is only just beginning. The highly anticipated Falskaar mod has just been released, a massive expansion that has been one year in the making and it’s now available to download for absolutely nothing.

This isn’t your average mod either. Oh no, Falskaar has been created by 19 year old Alexander J. Velicky who hopes that his effort will lead to securing an actual job with Bethesda as a level designer. To give you an idea of what has gone into Falskaar, it’s better you check out the official download page here over at Skyrim Nexus.

Falskaar features over 20 hours of extra gameplay, including what’s considered the icing on the cake – a dungeon called Watervine Chasm that apparently takes around two hours to complete. In terms of size, the creator has said that Falskaar is roughly the size of 2-3 Skyrim holds – so imagine the likes of Whiterun, The Rift, and Falkreath combined. Staggering.

There are new spells, items, dragon shouts to learn but perhaps the most impressive thing of all, is that Falskaar contains an fully original voice cast from actors and actresses – you’ll see an example of the level of professionalism for the voice quality by watching the teaser trailer below.

It looks like the ultimate Skyrim mod that PC players have been waiting for and an unrivaled example why it is always good to play Elder Scrolls games on PC. It goes without saying that there is no chance that this will be available on Xbox 360 or PS3 – a fan made expansion offering over 20 hours of new content, for free is absolutely fantastic either way you look at it.

Head to the link above for the full lowdown and instructions on how to download. If you are already enjoying Falskaar, let us know your initial impressions of it below – how good is it compared to Dragonborn and Dawnguard?



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