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PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall with open world elements

If you are looking for new Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay that wasn’t shown at E3, it looks like we may have one video that will meet your needs. A new hands-on gameplay preview has emerged and it possibly shows the most beautiful look at the PS4 exclusive yet – even perhaps rivaling what we first saw during the initial Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay demo in February.

If you have seen gameplay videos of Shadow Fall before, you’ll know that it is looking like it could be the best that the PS4 has to offer in terms of graphical capability for a launch title. This week, we give you another example just how good the game is looking, thanks to a hands-on demo by Kotaku.

Guerrila’s Herman Hulst was on also present during the video, giving an explanation and insight into how Killzone Shadow Fall offers a much better experience to what was possible on the PS3 hardware with Killzone 3. For example, the level you’ll see during this particular video is absolutely massive, almost offering the player an open-world type experience like never before.

Levels in Killzone 3 were a lot more confined, but you’ll see in Shadow Fall that the player now has the option of exploring surroundings in greater detail. Unfortunately, most of you will agree that Kotaku’s player wasn’t exactly the best choice to demonstrate the features of the game, which is why you’ll see Herman Hulst take back the controller for the reminder of the gameplay.

We think the game looks lovely, but it seems that not everyone is impressed still. We see early feedback on how the original Crysis on PC still looks better than Shadow Fall, while we’ve even seen comments on how these graphics are still similar to what is available on PS3.

What are your thoughts on the graphics quality for the game so far, and the new open-world nature of some levels, compared to Killzone 3? Remember to change the quality to HD to get the full experience.



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