FIFA 14 needs UK Premiership Club Editions

EA may have announced special retailer editions of FIFA 14 for UK buyers to pick up when the game launches, but we have spotted some other versions of the game which we think are much more appealing. It turns out that consumers in Italy and Spain will be able to pick up FIFA 14 with a special steelbook featuring their favorite team, but so far we have heard no such information on the same thing happening in the UK for Premiership teams.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, feast your eyes on the lovely images of the Italian club editions of FIFA 14, which will feature an individual steelbook version of the game for teams such as Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Roma. It goes without saying that they look very sexy indeed and we also hear that each club edition will come with 24 FIFA 14 Ultimate Team packs to use as well.

While these are obviously very lovely, imagine if we also have the option of picking up a FIFA 14 club edition in the UK. We would see steelbook designs like this, but for teams such as Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham. We have a feeling that FIFA fans in the UK would buy them in an instant, over some of the other versions of the game – especially if they come with FIFA 14 FUT packs on top.

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation from EA that this will be happening in the UK yet for the Premiership, but hopefully we will get the good news soon. Let us know if you would prefer to buy a club edition of FIFA 14 like the Italian designs shown above. It would be a great collector’s item to have for the future.



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