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Ultimate Warrior returns to WWE with 2K14

Earlier this month, we confirmed to you early that none other than the legendary Ultimate Warrior would be available as a pre-order bonus for this year’s WWE 2K14 offering. Now, we pleased to hear that 2K has made things official, releasing an excellent announcement trailer featuring the Warrior himself.

It is no secret that the Ultimate Warrior has had his differences with the WWE over the years, but it looks like relations have been mended with this partnership for the WWE 2K14 game. Warrior has starred in the latest trailer for the game, giving us a reminder of his iconic character from the heydays of wrestlings and in turn – putting a smile on those faces who believe he should have been part of the new WWE era a long time ago.

The trailer itself is quite funny actually, showing the humorous side of Warrior that often goes unnoticed with his other ‘wild’ side which usually gets the main attention. Towards the end of the trailer, we get an actual look at how Warrior will look in 2K14 – his trademark hairstyle, tassels and face-paint just like we remember it.

At the same time, we’ve also seen instant feedback on how many of you are not too impressed with the graphics quality shown in the game. We too agree that it does look a little suspect, but hopefully some future gameplay reveals of WWE 2K14 will help alleviate some of the fears before the game is out.

How do you feel about the return of the Ultimate Warrior? Do you hope to see him sometime on WWE television as well?



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