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Microsoft Surface RT price drop in Australia

If there was any more proof that the Microsoft Surface RT was to get an upgrade soon, then the many price reductions in parts of the world has to be a huge clue. The latest Surface RT price drop is in Australia, where the price has gone from AU$559 to AU$389 for the 32GB model.

We’ve already seen the RT reduced in price in other countries, such as the US in recent months, so rumors of a Surface RT update could be true after all. We’re not too certain what to expect, but there is a good possibility that the RT could receive an upgrade to its processor, which could be the Snapdragon 800 LTE.

It’s funny how some websites will tell you that Microsoft has suffered with low Surface RT and Pro sales, and while this may be true with the former, the latter has been doing rather well. You have to remember that demand was very high at first, and so Microsoft were unable to keep up with supply and demand.

However, the biggest factor was due to the Surface Pro availability, as it was months before people outside the US and Canada were able to get their hands on the new device, with most countries not getting shipments of the Pro until May.

Staples has only just reduced the price of the Surface RT as well, with the 32GB version now costing $349 and the 64GB price just $499, which we have to say is a huge saving, around 25 to 30 percent.

Okay, so the Surface RT has not been as popular as Microsoft had hoped, but they now realize that they got the pricing wrong, and so this aggressive pricing is a way to make up for their mistake, but have they gone far enough?



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