Jaguar F-Type RS eye candy lacks Speedster appeal

Some people will say the F in the Jaguar F-Type stands for “Future” and they could very well be right. We say this because the current Roadster has already been doing pretty well, and is selling out fast, and the Coupe model has already been building up some excitement.

However, there are other models on the horizon, such as the stunning Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Speedster Design Concept, which has been on show during the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013. However, don’t expect this version to hit the market, because it is just an idea to show us what’s possible, although we do love it.

Looking at the Jaguar F-Type RS eye candy, thanks to Theophilus Chin, you’ll notice that it makes use of some of the design features as the Project 7, such as those larger air intakes at the front, which looks as though they are ready to suck half the road up.

Jaguar F-Type RS vs. Project 7 Speedster Design Concept
– While we would love to see the latter make it to production because of how awesome it looks, the former will more than likely go into production, but this may not happen until 2015 at least.

It’s clear that there is more to come from the Jaguar F-Type, now that the company has found the perfect platform to help keep them at the forefront on sports car design, let’s hope they make use of the aggressive, yet elegant styling of the RS model you see above?

There have been suggestions that Porsche needs to watch its back, as the Jaguar is squarely in the rear view mirror and could be ready to make a move, but is the F-Type ready for such as tough task?



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