iOS 7 beta 4 release prediction

By Peter Chubb - Jul 16, 2013

Just over a week ago Apple released iOS 7 beta 3 to developers, and it wasn’t long before some of you were complaining that the changes made from beta 2 did not go far enough, but this is the process we have come to expect. It’s for this reason why devs are now looking to iOS 7 beta 4 release predictions, and there are clues that could tell us this very date.

We have seen on several forums that some people have been suggesting a possible iOS 7 beta 4 release prediction of Monday, July 22, as this would make it two weeks since the last version was released. It certainly looks as though they are trying to push out two betas per month, as this is a good way of getting a better response from the developer community.

iOS 7 beta 3 certainly helped to address several problems and make it run much smoother, but it’s clear there are still several problems that needs to be ironed out, such as an overheating issue with the iPhone 4S and several apps crashing, which we recently discussed.

The iOS 7 beta 4 release cannot come soon enough for other devs though, as they have noticed an issue with iMessage, where they have been locked out of the app. There is also an issue with Siri for some of you, so it will be interesting to see if Apple has been able to get on top of these problems?

Going back to that release window for beta 4, there has also been some speculation that because of the number of issues with beta 3, we may have to wait a little longer than two weeks, as it could take Apple longer than usual to try and resolve these issues.

When do you think iOS 7 beta 4 will be released?

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  • Zoheb Khan

    ios 7 beta 3 is just perfect !
    no restart no lagging no problem !
    its working just fine !!
    only a problem is with when i swipe out the apps from multitask and click home button the background goes black !
    do any of you guys having the same problem ??
    any solution please reply !!
    I think that issue might get fixed in beta 4 and i think its coming this 22nd of july !!!
    what more you guys aspect from ios 7 beta 4 ??
    REPLY !

    • Jules

      Same here, after quitting all apps the home screen goes black except the dock zone.

  • asim

    iOS 7 beta 1 was released June 10, beta 2 June 24th and beta 3 July 8th, this means there was a 14 day release window, the next should then come around July 22nd, but we feel it will be a little later because many issues need to be sorted. iOS 7 beta 4 will show us a few new features as well as the problems above being ironed out, and it will be much smoother than beta 3.

  • mr_newguy

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  • A Haynes

    “where they have been looked out of the app”

    I have not had this problem, is it just with certain devices