GTA V news update on wild animals

The GTA V news reveals just keep getting better and better. After Rockstar unveiled the brilliant gameplay trailer for the upcoming title, we now have some brand new information to share with you regarding the wildlife that will feature in GTA V. You may know that a dog called Chop will be in the game, but now we have details on a possible 15 other animals that will be included as well.

Rockstar confirmed months ago that a rottweiler would be in GTA V. Now, thanks to a magazine spread from Japanese publication Famitsu, we now know that Chop can also be customized with things like different collar colors. Also, players will have to keep an eye on Chop’s activities, as we also hear that Chop can get lost if not taken care of!

Back in December last year, we confirmed to you that sharks will be in GTA V. Now we have additional information that another other animals will be in the game and it looks like players will be given the option of going on hunting missions if they wish. Obviously not hunting sharks we expect, but other species like deer.

Presuming Rockstar makes a separate side-quest available to hunt animals, we’re guessing there will also be some kind of reward system in place to satisfy those that take the time out from missions to undertake this interesting activity. We think it’s amazing that Rockstar are adding wild animals into the game this time and it is going to be so satisfying just exploring the vast countryside and mountainous areas of the game alone – forgetting about missions totally.

A screenshot and a summary of the GTA V news update from Famitsu has been captured by the guys over at GTA Forums. Have a look and let us know your thoughts on which type of animals and creatures you would like to see in the game. How can Rockstar handle hunting quests without angering certain critics?



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