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Gran Turismo 6 PS4 release finally looks promising

Most of the gaming community were a little shocked when it became apparent that the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 6 game was only coming out on PS3, not the next-gen PS4. With that reality now confirmed, Polyphony Digital chief Kazunori Yamauchi has given the strongest indication yet that a PS4 release for the game will still happen later on down the line.

Don’t get us wrong, Gran Turismo 6 still looks like an amazing game, especially considering the fact that it is still running on the now-ancient PS3 hardware. Polyphony Digital appears to have squeezed every single resource out of the system to make it look as good as it does at the moment, similarly in a way to Rockstar and Naughty Dog with their respective GTA V and The Last of Us titles.

When speaking to the official PlayStation Magazine, the great Yamauchi was in a very revealing mood when he disclosed that the team at Polyphony Digital are actively toying with a PS4 version. The direct quote to come out of the interview in fact was ‘We actually have a PS4 version in mind’.

It doesn’t really get much clear cut than that in our opinion and it’s obviously not the first time that we have seen strong evidence about the game eventually turning up on PS4. Sony had initially said that the decision to release on PS3 was purely down to the current install base on current gen vs next-gen.

On the other hand, many feel that Gran Turismo 6 doesn’t differ enough compared to GT5 and after Kazunori’s recent words – it may be enough to convince GT fans to wait until Gran Turismo 6 lands on PS4 instead. Will it happen in 2014 we wonder, or are we looking at further down the line in 2015 if Polyphony Digital really make the game stand out on its own?

What are your thoughts on this – are you now in two minds as to which version to pick up, presuming a PS4 version is coming?



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