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Conceivable iWatch battery visualized

Having already discussed the possibility of the iWatch being released later this year, you have to wonder what its power source will be like? We say this because we expect this to be one of the better smartwatches on the market, and so needs a battery that is small, thin, but still able to supply enough power.

Well, we have stumbled upon a video that looked at a flexible battery design, and it looks as though a conceivable iWatch battery design has been visualized. As we mentioned above, the battery is fully flexible and can be cut to size and can even be placed around a wrist, making this a very plausible design for Apple’s iWatch.

The battery technology is from a Taiwanese company called ProLogium and they have named it Flexible Printed Circuits (FCP), which as you may know has been around for several years now. However, only now have they filed for a patent because they have been able to make use of battery technology on their bendable plastic substrate.

You’ll see a host of other uses for this technology, and suggests that notebooks could become a lot thinner. However, we love the part where the guy in the video cuts the battery with a pair of scissors and still the battery works, and even after stabbing a hole in the battery, it is still able to stay powered up.

While we cannot be certain what battery technology the iWatch will use, the video above certainly gives us one idea of what to expect. However, that’s only even Apple will have a flexible iWatch, and we highly doubt this for a first-generation model. We believe it will be of a more traditional design, and may resemble an iPod nano 6th-generation.



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