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BlackBerry A10 pictured with AT&T branding

The BlackBerry A10 is once again back in the spotlight and after only just showing you some early render leaks this week, we have some more pictures to show you. This time it is specifically of interest to AT&T customers, as it looks like the BlackBerry A10 on AT&T’s network will have some fairly noticeable branding on the back cover of the device.

Just to give you a recap, the BlackBerry A10 could end up as the biggest and most popular BlackBerry device in history, as the makers are finally ready to give consumers a device that features a 5-inch display screen. BlackBerry are yet to officially acknowledge the device as they prepare to release the Q10, but it looks like the A10 is set to rival the iPhone 5S and possible Galaxy Note 3 towards the end of the year.

Over in Vietnam, some new photos of the device in question have appeared, courtesy of popular leak specialists Tinhte. We have a clear look at the exact AT&T branding that will be featured for their version and confirmation that the back cover will also feature a unique design as shown in the picture here.

The slot for the rear camera sensor is obviously fairly evident as well, as this is thought to be housing an 8 megapixel camera at the very least. These are some of the clearest images that we have seen for the unannounced A10 so far, so hopefully this is a solid indication that BlackBerry will soon be ready to announce things in an official capacity.

There is real hope that this could be the true BlackBerry device worth waiting for. Does that branding with AT&T’s logo bother you, or are you used to it now?



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