2013 Mac Pro accessories debate following gag

By Peter Chubb - Jul 16, 2013

When Apple unveiled to us what the new 2013 Mac Pro would look like, we were shocked at how small the device was when compared to the outgoing model. Most of us were very happy with the new design change, while others were not so convinced and so decided to make fun of its strange cylinder-like design.

The all-new Mac Pro is much smaller than the current version, and this has also been a cause for concern when it comes to the 2013 Mac Pro accessories. If you look at the image above, it gives you an idea of what the new model could look like once you have purchased your accessories for it.

Okay, so we know that the image was a gag, but it has led to a debate in regards to those 2013 Mac Pro accessories, as having all the expansion on show on the outside will take away the beauty of the Mac Pro 2013 refresh design.

The image that was created by Giga.de to give you an idea of what would happen if you were to purchase several external devices, such as a DVD burner, hard drives, a Blu-ray player and much more. However, we should not look to the negative here – yes there is a positive.

We’re sure the 2013 Mac Pro will become very popular, and so it is very conceivable that third-party accessory makers could create external devices that could mount onto the exterior of the Mac Pro 2013 refresh, and so could just become an extension of the desktop itself, although we would expect these accessories to com with a premium price tag.

As yet we have no idea as to the 2013 Mac Pro release date, but once we know more we will inform you, This is also the case with the Mac Pro 2013 refresh price.

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  • mokleTkcuF

    A humorous potential example. With any smarts though, most accessories could either be neatly positioned out of the way, hooked up to a NAS (or Thunderbolt) server, used instead on a laptop (which no doubt most users would have) or taken in and out of storage when itinerantly needed.

  • Joshua Glowzinski

    I have been saving for a Mac pro since March of 2012. I was going to get the best I could. 4 2tb hard drives, fastest pro, most memory and whatever else I could get that was the top. The thing was going to cost just short of $10,000. Then I saw this new Mac Pro. If I can get all that stuff in the new Mac Pro, I will get the new system. I have an external blu ray burner, so I do not care about that. I wonder if I can get all that stuff in the new system? I do not want to have to get multi external hard drives. Also, the price would have to be the same price.