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Pokemon X and Y new Tree Pokemon, but what class?

The new Pokemon movie is just being shown over in Japan and with it, we have yet another teaser for a brand new Pokemon that will be included in Pokemon X and Y this October. We know that the Pokemon will be based on a tree theme, but the focus on which type the Pokemon will have continues to spark an intriguing debate.

We are presuming that the majority of you were unable to see the movie in Japan, but fortunately details are already creeping out on this new Pokemon that is set to be revealed next. The name of this Pokemon could be “Aulotte”, but we’ve also heard information from PokeJungle that a more accurate name could be Ōrotto – remember that this will be details based on the Japanese name, so it will be hard to pinpoint an English name just yet.

The image you see here is a fan-made representation of what this tree Pokemon could end up looking like, based on what has shown during the Pokemon movie teaser. Fans have already commented on how the tree looks particularly spooky and spider-like, leading some to guess early on what the type could be.

Predictions so far for this tree Pokemon could be a Poison and Ghost type, while we’ve also heard that the creature could still be based on a Grass type, but with Ghost abilities as well. Along with Honedge announced recently, it looks like Game Freak are now taking the time to reveal the slightly ‘unusual’ creatures that will feature in Pokemon X and Y – let’s just hope that more are on the way soon.

As we wait for official confirmation on this tree Pokemon, what do you think the type will be, looking at this fan design?



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