New Surface Pro 2, Plus to address current issues

By Peter Chubb - Jul 15, 2013

Microsoft released their first Surface device back in October 2012, with the RT model, and the Pro followed in February in the US, with other parts of the world having to wait until May 2013. Because of this staggered release sales were not as fast as we would like to have seen, although demand was higher than stock levels.

Surface Pro sales have been far better than the RT and for good reason, but it’s a long way from perfect, and it’s for this reason why Microsoft is already looking into their next-generation of Surface devices. There’s already rumors that the RT will receive a processor upgrade before, but we’re more interested in what Microsoft plans to do with the Surface Pro sequel, which could either be called the Surface Pro 2 or Plus?

While many of you would assume that we would not see a new Surface Pro 2 device until February at the earliest, there seems to be a general consensus that the success of the international release of the Pro could bring the release of its successor forward.

It’s clear that the Surface Pro 2 was far from perfect, and so Microsoft will need to address current issues when releasing the new Surface Pro. Don’t get me wrong, while the current model does have a few problems, you have to remember that this is to be expected with such a new device, just as the first iPad had issue of its own – and still does.

Surface Pro 2 battery life – One of the biggest concerns with the Surface Pro is its poor battery life, although some of you are said to be happy with how long it lasts, although we are sure that you would welcome more lasting power. Microsoft has to use a battery with increased capacity, although making use of the new Intel Haswell processor will make some vast improvements in that area, just as it has for the 2013 MacBook Air refresh.

While it’s hard to pinpoint the biggest issue that Microsoft needs to address with the Surface Pro, we would welcome you to share with our readers what you would like to see improved and implemented on the Surface Pro 2, or Plus as it may be called? One thing we do know, the Surface Pro 2 price needs to be aggressive.

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  • Glaive

    *4) Hard disk Storage :-D: though I’ve read they’re planning on releasing a 250gb version soon, though only in Japan or something.

  • Glaive

    For the longest time I was looking for the best overall mobile computer solution (no, a laptop is not one), and once I read about how capable and comprehensive the Surface Pro was, I bought one and have never read up on any new laptop / tablet release ever since.
    Still though, even the best thing out there can be improved to live up to its highest potential, and when it come to the Surface Pro, I look forward to those following upgrades, which I think will be automatically applied with future generations of the PC-tablet:
    1) Screen size: though I do not complain from it much, having a bigger screen, even by a couple of inches would make the Surface Pro even that more efficient. It only makes sense though, that they’ll make it bigger screen wise (though lighter) with every generation that gets released.
    2) More USB ports (2 at least): Having a standard of two USB ports would make the Surface Pro just perfect in that area. Heck, even 3 to 4 can be squeezed in the thing, especially since they’ll make it bigger anyhow, which isn’t a difficult thing to do either.
    3) Battery Life: as it’s been mentioned already, a battery life close to what the RT is, or even a little less, along with the improvements mentioned above, would render the Surface Pro the best PC-Tablet to ever hit the market.
    Now people raise the price as an issue. Sure, we all would prefer a lower price on virtually anything we buy, not to mention anything that we really want. But still though, when a Product reaches a semi-perfect status, price is no longer an issue as you’ll get your money’s worth, and with no viable alternatives to it for years to come.
    As for the current generation Surface Pro, it’s nowhere near as expensive as a Mac laptop if you ask me, where it’s touch-based, and without the snobby Apple software user-unfriendly quirks. It’s way more advanced than a Mac Airbook; pair it up with a Windows phone, and your Digital Data and daily online activities troubles are gone for good.

  • web

    Why can’t someone create a battery/included keyboard to extend the life of the PRO battery?

  • Bill Cat

    Surface Pro should price itself to make a profit, yes it can come down a bit but does not need to follow in a race to the bottom – it has what no ultrabook has in that it is a laptop operating system on a tablet. It’s customers are professionals and we will pay for that.

    So Surface Pro should always be a bit expensive, it will help it not hurt it.

    It’s a good product now and would get better with new chips that will help it get more battery and lose a little weight. It’s going to be a killer as long as Microsoft starts to learn to concentrate on Pro instead of RT. Battery is cause for drama right now, in reality I can always find a plug before 4 hours but sure, improve it, pretty straightforward.

  • Teen Geek

    The Surface Pro 2 needs a few improvements. Right now it is like a laptop more than a tablet.

    1. Price, for the same price you can go with an ultra-book with more power. Also a choice of keyboard should be included instead o buying it separate.

    2. Weight, the surface pro is a little weird to hold with one hand and input with the other. (I’m buying a tablet not just a laptop)

    3. Battery, Seriously? Only 4hrs? MacBooks can get more time than that. So for me, invest in more efficient batteries.

    4. Storage, the 128 GB model has only 100-110 GB usable storage. It would be nice to have more like 320 GB since it is supposed to be like a laptop.

    These improvements would help MS to claim the tablet market. Hope these are included in Surface Pro 2!

  • Lance Stern

    My biggest concern is the battery life.
    I hear the stylus can fall off sometimes so maybe design a better “holster” for it
    Maybe add a 3G – 4G model for those who need it.

    Honestly if the battery life were at 6 hours I would’ve gotten #1. So hopefully number 2 does the trick.

    • I have the Surface Pro. Battery Life is okay. Stylus is not that responsive. BUT, the device is stunning! Hardware performance & the application performance will blow your mind away!

  • Ken

    16:10 size
    better software resolution resize

  • bountybunker

    I agree with tjy5. From the AMAA one would think that the so called accessory spine would lead to a plethora of products for the surface pro with keyboard battery being a key accessory. It is pretty sad that after months from the pro release we still haven’t seen such an accessory to cater to its main shortfall. If MS is so slow in bringing in “hardware upgrades then surely one must conclude they are very much a software company dabbling with hardware and one needs to be wary of hardware offerings from such an an outfit.

  • tjy5

    I think MS would get as much positive reaction and sales bump by simply releasing a battery-pack keyboard and docking station for the current Surface Pro and dropping the price a little as they would releasing a Surface Pro 2 so soon after the Pro’s release. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a Haswell Pro with all day battery life, better performance and the option of a 4G antenna, but the current Pro would meet all my needs if it just had a battery pack keyboard and an official docking station.

    • Michael

      Too true!

    • web

      yeah, that would solve a lot of complaints. However 4hr is good enough for me.