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Moto X phone features shown in secret video

Over the weekend we talked about the highly anticipated Motorola Moto X phone in relation to price against some of its inevitable rivals, but also discussed some pictures showing the elusive device in the hands of Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Now, we have something even better for you – an early leak showing the Moto X on video and confirmation that the device will be exclusive on the Rogers network for those in Canada looking to pick up the phone.

You can clearly get the sense that momentum is really building nicely for Motorola at the moment, with the company seemingly happy to take a back seat while positive feedback for their upcoming Moto X device continues to increase. After all sorts of prior information regarding unique customization for the device, it looks like we now have the very first look at the device on video in the flesh.

A promotional video by Canadian carrier Rogers appears to have been uploaded to the internet rather prematurely. In the video, we see Rogers take us through a general overview of the device, including some unseen information regarding voice control features touting the Moto X’s ability to listen to commands without any buttons being pressed.

The video has already attracted a lot of attention and as a result, the original YouTube video has now been marked as private so it’s not available for general viewing. Fortunately, we’ve located the same video that it still available to watch over at Google thanks to a Russian user.

It’s best to watch the clip while you still can, as we’re unsure as to how long this method will still be available. Aside from seeing new voice control features, we also get an initial glimpse at the new active notifications system that the Moto X will have.

How excited are you by the Moto X in all honesty? Motorola must be loving all of the attention right now.



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