iOS 7 beta 4 and sooner GM release

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 15, 2013

Now that we are heading towards iOS 7 beta 4 and a number of our readers have been using beta 3 for a little while, we thought it was a good time to take a look at what problems currently exist and need fixing in the next beta update. Our in-house developer has been testing iOS 7 beta 3 on an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, so they shared some issues experienced with this version to Product Reviews this past weekend.

When our developer was testing PR apps with iOS 7 beta 3 they experienced apps crashing on the iPhone and the 4S model got overly hot and seemed to be overheating. This only happened to such an extent after installing iOS 7 beta 1. Some of our readers have also commented previously on sync issues over Wi-Fi but there’s a workaround within the beta release notes.

iOS 7 beta 4 bug fixes – please don’t comment about this being a beta, this is pretty obvious, the fact is a lot of our readers are giving feedback to Product Reviews in relation to bugs and problems needing a fix with iOS 7 beta 4, so we want to share some of that information.

Battery life is continually highlighted by some app developers and this has been mentioned again with the latest update, one of our readers stated, “iOS 7 beta 3 kills battery life on my iPhone 4”. For these people, we would highlight the fact that a backup and then a clean install can be performed that would fix these battery drain issues most of the time.

One of the most reported problems to us involves some crashing after “closing multitasking”. We have heard from a number of different people in relation to this issue, and while we haven’t experienced this ourselves there’s a clear indication that a number of users are meeting a black screen after shutting down an app in multitasking.

Another issue we have seen reported from a couple of users is to do with the iPhone 5 freezing in iOS 7 beta 3 when trying to use headphones or Bluetooth to make a phone call. The freeze can apparently happen “on the lock screen and you have to force a restart with the home plus power button”.

What do you want to see fixed in iOS 7 beta 4? The main point of testing iOS 7 betas is to find bugs, so if you have met any and want to see them fixed in iOS 7 beta 4 then share what you find in the comments and also report them to Apple.

It will also be interesting to see if the iOS 7 Gold Master arrives quicker than it did with iOS 6. We only raise this point after a number of forums touch on this very topic considering the amount of betas releasing in short spaces of time, although we still wouldn’t expect to see a public release until September.

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  • Michelle

    Hey I have a question. When downloading the 7 beta 3 the file name is the same as all the other updates 7 beta 1,2 is that normal and also my phone doesn’t say 7 beta 3 it’s just 7.

  • Damien A. Balliet

    I’m running on running on an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta 3. Even as I type this message if I try to move the screen to see what I’m typing in landscape I can no longer type, this happens in portrait mode as well, but at least I can still read as I type.
    Also, the phone app doesn’t let me access my voicemail greeting settings until I’ve once again tapped the voicemail button.
    I too experience issues with Skype, but for me after I reinstalled the app I can use it, as long as I don’t go to recents tab, that crashes. But, for being a beta, I’m pleased with it so far.

  • User

    We need (Find my iPhone) crashing bug fixed ASAP,

  • FTiPhone

    Bugs with calls received. It looks like you have 2 calls and you can’t hear anything on any of those 2 calls

  • masterclown

    calendar bug… check if year 1912 exists… or 1910 or less

  • Yuri Siqueira

    iPhone 4S

    Skype crash every time, have trouble with my playlists, I can create one but can’t edit.

    Have seen that it’s more stable than beta2, but there’s somethings that have to be fix before the release to the general public.

  • Jean-Luc Lebon

    My iPad (3rd Gen) sometimes gets a blank multitask screen and seems to have problem with screen orientation. When the iPad is upright, the status bar goes on the side. Does not happen all the time, but when it does its a really problem.

  • Salvatore Castellano

    – Find My iPhone crashes after 2 seconds of logging in.

    – I miss many calls for no reason (iPhone 4s).

  • Robert Curran

    I have had less crashes then previous versions but have been Permanently locked out of iMessage on my iPhone 5 I’ve tried everything I can to get it to activate and nothing. When using microphone to enter text it skips several lines.

  • Mike Lovejoy

    I’m running beta 3 on an iPhone 5. Besides minor glitches, only main crash I get is with messages when I try to attach a photo. My moms iPhone 4 has a bigger problem. Several times throughout the day it shuts down and then freezes. Being a teenager who loves jailbreaking, I’m very used to these issues and fix it by entering DFU mode. This is a concept my mom does not fully understand. This iPhone 4 crash is a major bug Apple needs to fix.

  • WallySong

    Siri doesn’t work on my iPhone 5 after updating to iOS 7 beta3

  •  Arthur Dardalis 

    apart from a minor issue with iMessages not always appearing (very occasionally) , Beta 3 has been very good on my iPhone 4. first completely useable beta. Slightly worse battery use when using a bluetooth headset. have had no crashes at all, all apps work properly

  • JakeK

    I have had some few bug issues. I have tried to to do the whole backup and clean install and battery life is still really bad but oh well. I also have a big where when i try to send a photo in my messages and choose it from my camera roll the messages app crashes and the photo doesnt send, but there is a few second time frame where you can press send but the app still crashes but the photo willl send this time.

  • Tybomber4

    I have had a few bugs. I have to be called 5 times before the call goes through. Also in messages. A message didn’t go though on the app, but it did in notification center, now the app says there is a notification, but I can’t get that to go away. I have tried everything including delete the conversation. Nothing! Occasionally I get a black screen and have to restart phone to get it working. Otherwise it is very stable.

  • mrfrank505

    With beta 3 I’ve experienced a significant decrease in crashes, but sometimes with the screen locked it will freeze black and I have to restart. Besides that and cosmetic UI personal issues, beta 3 has been great to me.