FIFA 14 UK cover star predictions with release time

Today is finally the day that UK FIFA fans have been waiting for. To remind you, EA will officially reveal the UK cover star that will join Lionel Messi on the UK box art for FIFA 14. EA has already confirmed when the release time will be, so what are your predictions for who will be picked?

Last year, we had Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Man City’s Joe Hart of course, featuring on the UK FIFA 13 cover once again with superstar Lionel Messi. This year, there doesn’t appear to be any prior rumors as to who it is going to be and EA themselves are keeping very silent on the matter.

What we can tell you, is that the reveal will be going live at 5pm UK time on Monday July 15. EA has released a teaser for the event, cunningly showing us the body of the footballer who has been selected but obviously not revealing his face yet. The general assumptions are that it is going to be an English-based footballer like last year, but could we possibly see EA change this by choosing anyone who currently plays in the Premiership?

If this is the case, you would have to assume that the likes of Luis Suarez and Robin Van Persie are big contenders to feature alongside Messi. Then again, if EA stick to an Englishman, then who will they pick based on their performances last season? A few names that potentially stick out for us could be Steven Gerrard, Jack Wilshere or Wayne Rooney.

We’ve seen a lot of you predict Gareth Bale, but then again he’s Welsh so we’ll have to see how EA plays it. The funniest prediction that we have seen has to be Emile Heskey – his name is going to just keep turning up each year isn’t it?

Are you a FIFA fan in the UK? If so, give us your prediction below on who it is going to be.



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