Datsun Dat-Go specs reflects price in India

Back when I was a child I could remember the Datsun brand very well, and was in love with my uncle’s Datsun 280ZX Targa, because it was such a beautiful car at the time. Today, I could list a whole host of things wrong with it, but that will not change my feelings towards the car and the good memories that it brings when thinking about it.

Sadly, the name Datsun disappeared and so Nissan took over the name in several markets, but just last year the name Datsun returned, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that the iconic name returned to the Japanese market.

Datsun and its importance in emerging markets
– The Japanese auto manufacturer understands that in order to market Datsun, they need to appeal to a different market now, and so they are focusing on the emerging market, with India being the most important, but not forgetting Russia as well.

Introduction of the Datsun Go – The Datsun DAT-GO, as it will be known will be released to the Indian market and will be a budget vehicle, which is sure to go down well with drivers in India.

If you are expecting something very nice in terms of specs then don’t get too excited, as the Datsun Go specs are not overly spectacular, and so the Datsun Go price in India reflects that.

For 400,000 rupees, or $6,665, you’ll get yourself a nice little budget car that is powered by a small 1.2-liter engine and a five-speed manual transmission, more details of which can be seen in the source link below.

While this is not the Datsun I remember, it’s still a good looking car and so we hope will do very well in India and Russia; the question is, would you like to see Datsun return to the US and Europe?

Source: Datsun.



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