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Canon 70D vs. 60D and Nikon D7100 – Comparing specs

Over the months I’ve been keeping a close eye as to when Canon will announce the 70D, and trust it to happen the moment I’m on vacation. However, I’m back and now can have a little look just to see what we have to look forward to and how it compares to its predecessor, the 60D and it’s nearest rival, the Nikon D7100, which as we know has proved a very successful DSLR since being released earlier this year.

If you are a serious photographer, but only have a limited budget, then the latest mid-range DSLR from Canon could be perfect for you, as there are several advancements over the 60D, which you can see for yourself in the video above. In the video you get a decent comparison of the Canon 70D vs. the 60D and it’s clear that the camera maker is aiming their latest shooter at filmmakers, which is evident with the new autofocus system for movies.

One of the biggest downsides when filming with a DSLR has been the poor autofocus system, so it will be interesting to see if Canon have finally managed to overcome this problem. So how do these two really compare, well you will be able to find out in the head-to-head spec comparison in the first video above.

In the second video, we get to see just how the Canon 70D vs. the Nikon D7100 get on with each other. You’d have to say that the first round would go to the Nikon, as it comes with a 24.1 CMOS Sensor, compared to 20.2 for the new Canon However, the latter does redeem itself with its ISO, as it is 100-12800 when compared to 100-6400 for the D7100.

It’s clear that both these cameras excel in their very own way, so watch the second video below to see their positives and negatives, and which you believe comes out on top.



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