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BlackBerry A10 5-inch could be best BB10 phone yet

The BlackBerry Z10 may be the best device on BlackBerry’s books right now in your eyes, but it looks like something rather special could be in the pipeline as a follow up device this year. We’ve heard about the rumored A10 in minor detail, but now leaks are continuing to emerge, suggesting that the device may be equipped with a lovely 5-inch display screen.

This would undoubtedly be unprecedented territory for BlackBerry and their legion of loyal supporters if true. Imagine the luxury of having a superior communications hub in place with BB10, but finally with a display screen size that consumers can now look at in comparison to other leading smartphones on the market.

This week, we have a collection of new details on the BlackBerry A10 to give you, including an apparent first video of the device in the wild. The clip shows the large display screen in question and it may also remind you about the HTC One as well in terms of design – not that this is a bad thing of course.

It is only a short clip sadly, but just seeing the sheer size of that display screen on a BlackBerry device gets us very excited indeed. While you can enjoy the video below, we also have some much clearer images to show you which have been provided by Crackberry, offering a glimpse at some official renders of the device and a look at the A10 from different angles.

While a rumored 720p Super AMOLED display is definitely one highlight, one potential disappointment could come in the fact that the A10 could still only ship with a dual-core processor. This hasn’t been confirmed yet though, so hopefully we’ll have some more details on this soon.

Overall though, how excited are you to see BlackBerry mixing it up with the big boys with their 5-inch A10?



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