Alleviating iWatch release doubt following design hurdles

With Tim Cook already suggesting that there is a decent market for smartwatches in the future, this certainly added fuel to the fire that Apple were working on their iWatch, and this rumor could be true if we are to believe a recent news report suggesting that Apple is hiring people in order to release an iWatch.

We’ve already looked at the many possibilities of an Apple iWatch, and how it could possibly look, and some of you had assumed to have seen the wrist wearing device already. However, it seems that there have been several problems with the design, and so Apple needed to bring a new team in so they could overcome these design hurdles.

We do hope that these steps will go a long way in alleviating this iWatch release doubt – if these rumors are to be believed of course? However, if true, then we should not expect Apple’s smartwatch to be released until 2014 at least, maybe we will see an iWatch WWDC 2014 unveil?

Having said that, a video uploaded to YouTube earlier this month does not agree, and believes that the iWatch will be released this year, stating that it is not a rumor, but fact. The reason for this is because they have filed for the iWatch trademark worldwide.

That’s not the most interesting part, as it’s also suggested that the iWatch could be released before the Apple TV Set, which as we know has been a device rumored for far longer than their smartwatch. It’s hard to say just when the iWatch will release this year, if it does, as September will be for the next iPhone and iOS 7 and October for the new iPad 5 and mini 2, so maybe we are looking at a November release, which would be perfect timing for the Holiday Season?

Source: Financial Times.



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