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Alleged Xbox One developer says PS4 has better specs

Amidst all of the talk regarding the Xbox One console at the moment and whether Microsoft should ‘reverse’ their decision again on bringing back the DRM restrictions originally placed on the system, we have a very interesting article for you to check out. An ‘anonymous’ individual claiming to be an Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit to give out a few home truths, in relation to the much discussed family sharing features of the system, but also the Xbox One hardware specs as well compared to the Sony PS4.

What is interesting about this particular Reddit rumor, is that the owners of the popular discussion site have apparently already had confirmation that this individual is indeed somebody who has worked extensively on Microsoft’s console. You’ll now see an ‘ confirmed XB1 dev’ verification tag by every comment made by the person.

There are a lot of topics covered, but some of the juicy ones to discuss is the apparent admission that this person admits that the Sony PS4 has the better hardware specs than the Xbox One ‘on paper’. We have taken a screenshot of the exact quote just to give you an idea – you have to find that interesting if it is really coming from somebody within Microsoft internally.


Also discussed in the same thread is that this individual also hopes that Microsoft does make the decision to reverse the DRM measures again, so that the family sharing aspects of the console can return. The person adds that the family sharing feature relates to full games as well, not trials or demos that some of you had been worried about.

Finally, we also hear how from their point of view – Microsoft did not push the benefits of the Xbox One enough during their E3 conference, admitting again that they made a ‘mess’ of revealing the console.

Very interesting if all this is true – we wonder what Microsoft thinks about their anonymous mole. Read through the whole thing on Reddit and let us know your thoughts on this below.



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